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Airflow, not Water or Dirt Flow

Category: General Published on Nov 14 2018

Trains need to get where they are going regardless of weather conditions. As a parts supplier to the train industry, we often get asked if we have a solution to stop water from going in air intakes on trains. The answer is, of course we do! Keeping water out of the air intake can go a long way in keeping trains moving along as scheduled. Outerwears is a material of choice that gets the job done.

Originally developed over 35 years ago for engine builders in the racing industry, Outerwears is known for their products in automotive and power sports. They have moved well beyond automotive, and are serving many other markets. A fast-growing segment of their business is in the transit industry. We love working with them, and here’s why: With a facility where design, manufacture, and fulfillment all happen in one place, custom design and build to meet your specifications is no problem.

So before major water or debris damage happens on one of a train’s many air intake systems, the Outerwears cover solves the problem.

The Outerwears material has a unique ability to make sure water, debris, ice, or snow are deflected or trapped, but airflow is not compromised. This one of a kind material can be used to cap off any ends, air filters or other openings where air needs to flow through.

Just think of an air intake point of entry and Outerwears can cap it. Some of the many uses include Train Horn Covers, Acoustically transparent warning bell covers, coupler cover, propulsion inlet cover, HVAC radiator screens, APS ventilation box cover, Main transformer screens, Compressor Condenser Covers, Lock out bags, Traction motor air inlet screens, Snow protection door covers.

As winter approaches, the fewer repair and maintenance issues a train has, the better. To learn more about how Outerwears can help make air intake on your fleet more efficient and less prone to wear and tear, contact Qual-Tran today. Order from our catalog, or speak to someone about a custom fitting.