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Magic fabric? No just science from other industries.

Category: General Published on Nov 28 2018

The transit industry is not much different from many others when it comes to dealing with small debris, water, snow, and other particles. Planes, trains, and automobiles all share the fact that they need airflow, which makes vital parts vulnerable to weather and debris that is not supposed to be there.

There’s no miracle cure to this problem. But there is a material available that has been lab and time-tested to meet the varied needs of the world of transit.

The racing and boating industries have for decades been dealing with the same water and debris problems the transit industry has had. Outerwears developed this fabric originally for the automotive and power sports industries.

Qual-Tran can now bring you this same technology to help with your trains and buses. We have only just begun tapping the surface of how we can use this technology. The material can be custom fit to your specs, so the uses are limited only by your imagination.

Want to get into the fine-grain specs on this “magic fabric?” We love having it in our product line, because it has proved such a valuable product for the transit industry. Constructed with a proprietary polyester mesh with uniform micron openings, it is treated with a hydrophobic water-repellent process to keep rain, snow and whatever comes at it out. The mesh is UV resistant and filters debris down to .005 inches. Those ridiculously cold days on the tracks and on the streets are no problem. The material is shatter proof in freezing temperatures. If heat is a bigger challenge than freezing temps, the material is also resistant to heat up to 450 degrees. The material is puncture resistant and has elasticity characteristics allowing the threads to return to the original position in the event the threads have been impacted or shifted.

So there’s no magic here. Just a field-tested science-based, infinitely customizable product that keeps air flowing where it needs to, and everything else out.

So where do you have water, debris, snow, and particles going that you only want air to flow? Let us know how we can work with you to outfit your fleet and solve the airflow challenges on your transit equipment.